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Why body donation? 

The word ‘alternative’ seems to be very popular these days. As choices expand to accommodate varied tastes and preferences, the same is true for death care. There once was a time when cremation was considered to be a bizarre and cultish means of disposition, but has grown in popularity to become a completely socially acceptable—even preferred—ritual. 

Body donation is following the same path, as it is a viable alternative for exceptional family or belief scenarios; for non-traditionalists who would rather see medical science benefit than their family spending a substantial amount of money on a ritual they’ve never really felt comfortable with, for families with limited or no options for a more traditional method, or in institutional cases where there’s no family whatsoever in the picture to be responsible for disposition. 

Everyone has the potential to contribute to medical breakthroughs; unfortunately, just a few actually do. That’s why body donation is a needed and welcomed gift to society—one that is precious in its nature, and commands respect.

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